Its official - Spring is here!

Posted 11 September 2017

StockRock bog

As if we need more rain… It is fair to say that we have had the most difficult year on record for the most challenging periods to get StockRock laid on farms.

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New Cat digger and more storage space

Posted 29 August 2017


Unbelievably difficult summer, autumn and winter weather for dairy farmers has had a hugely detrimental effect on farm races all over New Zealand. Thank goodness we have managed to provide clients with StockRock from our fantastic storage sheds. Without these oversize facilities we would have struggled to keep Rock going out the gate.

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and the winner is....

Posted 13 July 2017

StockRock promotion winner 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to our StockRock 2017 promotion winner Karen Dysart who works for Zane Kite at Kiteroa Ayrshire farms in Ohaupo. Karen has won an $8000 farm race upgrade. Karen entered the StockRock competition without telling her boss Zane, so he was pretty surprised and thrilled to have won. He heard the promotion on the radio and thought it would be a cool thing to win but hadn't entered himself. Congratulations Zane and Karen we look forward to working with you over the coming months and upgrading your farm race.

Winner will be announced soon

Posted 28 June 2017

StockRock farm race upgrade competition

We had a huge number of very compelling entries in our StockRock $8000 farm race upgrade competition. We are currently collating the entries and will notify you soon who has been drawn the lucky winner. Thanks very much for participating.

Attention dairy farmers

Posted 12 May 2017

farmrace shocker


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Show us your farm race shocker

Posted 1 March 2017

WIN 8000 FarmRace upgrade with StockRock

Are your farm races in poor condition? Do you have a major cow lameness issue? We want to help. Show us your farm race and tell us why you need a StockRock upgrade and you could win an $8000 farm race upgrade.

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“Dress for success” - trial of the Hammel VB750

Posted 21 February 2017

Trial of the Hammel VB750.

We have had a fantastic few months setting all sorts of sales records here at StockRock. Due to the ongoing success of the quarry, we have had to look for new plant and equipment options.

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New Year, New Look

Posted 13 January 2017

StockRock video still 1

Happy new Year from StockRock. If you would like to view the StockRock team in action, check out our Facebook page or home page of the website, as just before Xmas we commissioned a new StockRock product video to be made.

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STOCKROCK is Xmas for your cows

Posted 22 December 2016

Christmas wishes

StockRock closes 22nd Dec at 2.30pm for Xmas and re-opens Monday January 9th.

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Want to get ahead?

Posted 18 October 2016

BPM flags

StockRock is a product brand of parent company Blue Pacific Minerals. We have two opportunities currently available at our head office in Tokoroa at Blue Pacific Minerals:

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