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Farm Race Supply Delivery & Installation

Supply, delivery and installation - we do it all.

For your convenience, we have a free phone number of 0800-88-55-55.  Phone 0800-88-55-55 to talk to Sean Hogan, our StockRock consultant.  

Most farmers like Sean to call out to their farm to visit the area requiring StockRock on their farm races. A site visit is a free, no-obligation part of the quotation process. Sean can discuss the options for purchase-only of StockRock right through to supply, delivery and installation of StockRock

Three easy ways of purchasing StockRock:

  1. Supply-only of StockRock - Product can be purchased direct from the quarry. You (the farmer) organise your own transport/delivery and installation of StockRock.  We would require prior notification that StockRock will be picked up on a specific day. We will send you an invoice for the "supply-only" of StockRock.  
  2. Supply-and-delivery of StockRock – Where you (the farmer) have your own contractor to install the StockRock, but want the StockRock to be supplied and delivered to the farm-site. Please CLICK HERE for the installation guide, or call us on 0800 88 55 55 to request a free guide on how to install StockRock, to ensure your StockRock has optimal performance and long life.  
  3. Supply-delivery-and-installation of StockRock - Where you (the farmer) request the full supply, delivery and StockRock will organise the installation. 

Once Sean has visited your farm, he will send you a quotation to outline what work is going to be carried out and the cost involved. Upon acceptance of the quotation, Sean will make arrangements for you to have StockRock supplied, delivered and/or installed to our recommended best practice standard.  

To understand the costs or request a quote, visit our user friendly online calculator or talk to our StockRock expert.

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