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Action Stations

Posted 10 November 2017

Tractor in the mud

Supplying StockRock dry has been one of our major successes, thanks to our increased storage capacity. The big sheds hold 1000’s of tons (photos above) of StockRock which enables us to have a constant supply all year around. If you don’t have the rock under cover, you’re buggared. We often get trucks turning up at the quarry as soon as it stops raining, (like the next day) simply because the contractors (including ourselves) need to keep moving when we get so far behind with jobs.

This year in particular we have had several situations where farmers had sections of race that crapped out altogether. The race became impassable due to flooding, or the races had broken right through exposing the clay and then turning into a big bog.  - Photo opposite says it eloquently.

Our sheds are big enough that we can crush rock indoors, which it turns out has been hugely  advantageous. The contracting side of the business has had its challenges also. We ensure the rock loaded at the quarry is covered on the Truck and Trailer units so it arrives as dry as possible on-site. The team then work as quickly as possible to get a section of the race ready and lay and re-surface it between the rainfalls.

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