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Upgrades at the NGAKURU QUARRY

new road Ngakuru Quarry

Posted 30 January 2018

Starting the week before we knocked off for Xmas, working through the Xmas break and through into mid January, the StockRock crew have been at the Ngakuru Quarry upgrading the roads. Shane and his team have upgraded the haul road into the quarry, upgraded the drainage and installed cattle stops for easier access for trucks and trailers. The new StockRock storage shed is also scheduled to start construction soon and be completed by the end of February. This will hold an additional 7000 tonnes of StockRock.

There is a solid workload ahead for farm race repairs so we advise you to get jobs booked in pronto if you are thinking about getting any maintence work done. There is still a back log of work being completed from last year and all contractors are busy.

cattle stops Ngakuru Quarry

Finishing new road Ngakuru Quarry

New road Ngakuru Quarry1