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Xmas Hours 2018

Posted 14 December 2018

Merry Christmas to all our clients, thank you for your business this year, take it easy those of you farmers that will take a few days off at the beach.

Xmas Hours are as follows:

Quarry in Twist Road, Ngakuru:
Closing midday on 21 December 2018.
Re-opening at 7am on 14 January 2019

 Office & Huttloc Drive Plant:
Closed from: 3pm 21st December 2018                           
Open from: 7:30am 7th January 2019

 North Site: Pick-ups and deliveries
Closed from: 5pm 20th December 2018
Open from: 6am 7th January 2019
(unless prior arrangements area made)

Over view of the last couple of months, It surely has been an interesting spring and on all accounts, on most farms we have been working on they tell us that production has been great and grass growth above expectations.

Now we are December we look back over the spring to see how the farm races have been affected by the winter weather. We have certainly seen some challenging situations in the past but not so much this year.

Forward work into the new year looks good and starting to get those bookings coming in already which is great so anyone considering getting into some StockRock in 2019 shouldn’t take too long thinking about it because we are normally booked up 2 months in advance by the end of February.

“Rock on” 2019