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The StockRock Farm Race Story

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Blue Pacific Minerals has been mining StockRock from their mine in Ngakuru and laying StockRock since 2004. Blue Pacific Minerals are based In Tokoroa and operate in a wide range of industries, not just Agriculture.

Sean Hogan is the Sales Manager for StockRock and has been a dairy farmer himself for a number of years.

"A lot of the time farmers have already heard about StockRock and I am there just to answer a few questions. StockRock really sells itself", says Sean.


Sean is a born and bred Waikato lad having grown up in Morrinsville and played rugby for Fraser Tech in Hamilton before the legs slowed down and the time commitments of running a dairy farm became too great.

Over 30 years Sean has farmed in a number of locations, with the last 15 years spent share-milking 400 cows near Cambridge and developing his 120 hectare drystock farm at Te Akau.

Having used StockRock on his own farm for the last eight years, Sean was a perfect fit for our team. As a happy customer he has seen how StockRock outperforms other farm race surfaces over time and is a smarter long term investment. Over a period of eight years using StockRock, he saw lameness in his herd reduce from 10%  to 4%

As a dairy farmer himself, he understands the challenges farmers face, and can relate to them in a practical no bull way. Sean notes: "as someone coming out of farming into essentially a sales role, I really like the fact that StockRock basically sells itself. Once potential customers review and understand the attributes and benefits, then compare them with alternatives, they generally agree it’s the best choice."

Sean will be out and about round the Waikato, Taranaki and other parts of the North Island, so if you'd like to learn more about StockRock then get in touch.

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