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Shane StockRock Fieldays 2015

Name: Shane Smith
Phone: 0800-88-55-55 or 0274 942 069

Shane has been with StockRock since zeolite was first identified as a superior farm race surface, and he has been involved in every part of the full-service business : quarry management; farm delivery; and installation procedures.

Shane started the StockRock brand in 2004. His passion for farm race surfaces that will improve stock health and productivity means he can offer farmers expert advice : how to contour the farm race, providing recommended laying procedures to *(a) ensure long life to your StockRock race and to *(b) ensure reduced lameness for your herd.  

Head Office

Blue Pacific Minerals Ltd
11-17 Huttloc Drive
Tokoroa 3420
South Waikato 
New Zealand
Tel: + 64 7 885 0550
Fax: + 64 7 886 0024

Quarry Location

223 Twist Rd
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 67
Tokoroa 3444
New Zealand