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Goodbye spring, hello lame cows

Posted 22 November 2013

Spring is now past and we are into summer. Farmers have had a pretty reasonable spring with good grass growth and reasonable sunshine. Typically StockRock work in the spring involves emergency race upgrades where the race surface has deteriorated very badly, very quickly. Lame cow numbers rapidly increase because it takes the races longer to dry out. Hooves are very soft through the spring, and with the races staying wet, uncapped race surfaces break up and even the farmer feels the sharp stones through their gumboots. Now is the time to fix that problem and minimise the risk of lame cows.  

Maintain or go Lame

Posted 1 November 2013

Summer race maintenance is now due. Now that the silage trucks have finished and the stack is covered and the crops are planted, this is an ideal time to upgrade your race with StockRock. With the heavy traffic on your races recently, the race surface will surely break down on the next heavy rain, cleaning off any of the softer race materials and exposing the blue hard stones. Cap your races with StockRock and stop lameness before it becomes a significant problem.