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Prevent Lameness In Dairy Cows

StockRock is a unique product specially designed as a farm race surface to prevent dairy cows from going lame. There is no other product on the market the same as StockRock.  The combination of volcanic formation and weather elements over a very long period of time has resulted in a very high quality zeolite, known as StockRock. Click here to download STOCKROCK PRODUCT INFORMATION.

StockRock looks like a white chalk, but is a hard wearing rock formation. StockRock is laid at 180mm thickness, and cements in place once vibe-rolled.  If the cows do pick up StockRock in their hooves and carry it onto the concrete area at the cowshed, the StockRock will crush down to a powder, not piercing the hooves or causing lameness. 

StockRock was first put down on farm races in 2004. Dairy farms throughout the North Island, where StockRock races have been installed, are finding a significant reduction in cow lameness. When StockRock is used on farm races, it dramatically improves the cow flow to and from the shed. Our sales consultant, Sean Hogan, can arrange for farmers new to StockRock to visit a farm in their neighbourhood, to view for themselves how well StockRock performs. 

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