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StockRock cements in place, no loose stones that can create lameness

StockRock Shane Smith with Farmer Mark Muller on farm Taranaki2

Posted 13 November 2018

Now that we are later in the spring and about to head into summer it is really surprising that whenever we get rain for more than 2 days my phone starts to ring. Farmer will say that “my races looked great and then as soon as it rained it was ankle deep in muck” Next minute they have anywhere from 3 to 10 lame cows within a couple of days.

We seem to get a lot more concentrated downpours nowadays that seem to wash any soft material left on the race, off under the fence, then farmers can feel those loose stones under their gumboots. This means trouble. The cows will have hooves that are now muddy from the downpour and will pick up those stones and carry them onto the hard concrete surface. They cows will then stand on those stones which doesn’t take too long to create lameness.

When I get to most farms I will have a look in the sandtraps to see what we are dealing with. In most cases it is ether Blue stones approx. 7mm-25mm that cause the most damage to cows hooves. I have also encountered Palm Kernal Husk and Lime base capping product that are also very hard.

StockRock cements in place and has no loose stones that can be dragged onto the yard. Learn more about the advantages of StockRock here, then get in touch to discuss your needs.