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Perfect Timing For Fieldays StockRock Winner

Posted 2 July 2021

Stockrock competition at Fieldays 2021

The StockRock team had a blast at this year's Fieldays with hundreds of people coming through to see us and meet our new Sales Manager Sean Hogan.

It's always good to hear from existing customers about how well their StockRock races are working, and more importantly it's great to chat to farmers about their issues and concerns so we gain a better understanding of their needs.

As part of our Fieldays promotion, visitors had to guess the weight of a load of Stockrock we had on site. The actual weight was 1277kg and Paul Johnson who farms out of Te Awamutu had the closest estimate at 1265kg.

When Sales Manager Sean visited Paul to tell him he had won some StockRock, Paul was extra delighted because they'd been planning to fix their races in June or July – so the timing could not have been more perfect! If you're considering fixing your farm races, give Sean a call for a free quote and to learn more about why StockRock is the better long term investment.

StockRock Welcomes New Sales Manager Sean Hogan

Posted 18 May 2021

Sean Hogan StockRock Sales Manager v1

The StockRock team, and the greater Blue Pacific Minerals family are pleased to welcome Sean Hogan as the new StockRock Sales Manager.

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Now Is The Best Time To Improve Your Farm Race Surfaces

Posted 9 March 2021

Closeup of Stockrock farm race surface v2

March is the perfect month to start planning improvements to your farm races. The weather is still relatively dry and with luck you have time to take a breath, assess, and make some of those important decisions for future productivity and maintenance.

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Gypsy Day During Covid-19 Level 2 Lockdown

Posted 27 May 2020

Stockrock cows moving on gypsy day

Much to the relief of many business owners, including most of rural New Zealand, the Government announced the move from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2 at 11.59pm on Wednesday 13 May.

This allowed time before Gypsy Day when the dairy farming community sees major movements of stock, farm workers and contract/share milkers. At Level 2 inter-regional travel is allowed, which is great as it means no extra paperwork or admin to gain permission for those people and stock moving longer distances around NZ.

Gatherings are meant to be limited to 100 people or less, which should not impede stock and people movement. In addition, the farming community has already been operating as an essential service with the required safety procedures in place now for over 6 weeks.

The team at StockRock wish all our clients and the wider farming community all the best for Gypsy Day. We know some milkers, workers and herds are in for a nice surprise when they move to farms with StockRock farm race surfaces that reduce lameness in cows and assist better movement of stock to and from milking.

For farmers wanting more information on the logistics of Gypsy Day during Covid-19, here are the latest advisory updates from Federated Farmers.

Merry Christmas From StockRock

Posted 17 December 2019

Stockrock Christmas 2019

2019 has come and nearly gone, and our dairy farming clients have faced another year of challenges with innovation, positivity and resilience. We value the relationships we have with individual farmers, and the fact that we can genuinely help one small part of their business by reducing lameness in the herd.

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StockRock Summer

Posted 18 March 2019

11 Farm advice StockRock The ultimate surface for your farm race

Feel free to take up my offer to come and give you a free quote and advice on your farm.

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Sponsoring the NZ Dairy Industry Awards

Posted 23 January 2019

NZ Dairy Industry Awards

StockRock is proud to support the NZ Dairy Industry Awards as a Tier 2 sponsor in the 2019 Regional Awards. New Zealand is divided into eleven different regions for the purposes of the Awards Programme. We are sponsoring the Auckland/Hauraki region.

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Xmas Hours 2018

Posted 14 December 2018

Merry Christmas to all our clients, thank you for your business this year, take it easy those of you farmers that will take a few days off at the beach.

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StockRock cements in place, no loose stones that can create lameness

Posted 13 November 2018

StockRock Shane Smith with Farmer Mark Muller on farm Taranaki2

Now that we are later in the spring and about to head into summer it is really surprising that whenever we get rain for more than 2 days my phone starts to ring. Farmer will say that “my races looked great and then as soon as it rained it was ankle deep in muck” Next minute they have anywhere from 3 to 10 lame cows within a couple of days.

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Winter milker Spring time challenges

Posted 24 September 2018

Before After StockRock small

Winter months see many new challenges with more and more dairy farmers chasing a higher winter payout but finding the downside being the surface deterioration of the farm races. We find that by the time the weather comes right through some parts of September these winter milk farms really suffer with lameness issues especially if they have previously used brown rock (more-so).

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