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11 Farm advice StockRock The ultimate surface for your farm race

Posted 18 March 2019

Feel free to take up my offer to come and give you a free quote and advice on your farm.

When I visit Dairy farms the farmers will often tell me that they “hadn’t thought of that” or “I’m glad you came to look at my job and gave me some advice”. Dairy farmers can be assured that I have seen some very testing situations and I can (in most cases) offer some very practical advice.

We often work with Dairy farms with huge issues with dairy cow lameness. In most of these situations it is not just the farm race surface but more so the race design when the cow flow into the cowshed becomes restricted. The key thing in the high traffic areas is “square metres” the bigger the area the longer it takes to wear away.

So get started early on upgrading your farm races before it gets too late in the season and the wet weather sets in. The benefit of the hot sun on the StockRock is that when we slurry the race surface (in the summer only) it allows the surface to bake hard and therefore it doesn’t allow the water to penetrate the surface through the winter months.

Give me a call, Shane Smith, 0800 88 55 55 for a free no obligation evaluation for your farm race.