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Now Is The Best Time To Improve Your Farm Race Surfaces

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Posted 9 March 2021

March is the perfect month to start planning improvements to your farm races. The weather is still relatively dry and with luck you have time to take a breath, assess, and make some of those important decisions for future productivity and maintenance.

A key decision is what surface to lay on your farm races. Brown Rock, also called Rotten Rock, has traditionally been a popular surface among dairy farmers due to its plentiful supply and relatively low cost. As a by-product of quarries, brown rock can be quite inconsistent and either be too soft (not lasting long) or too hard (catching in hooves and causing lameness). A better choice from both a financial and animal welfare perspective is StockRock.

StockRock is made from Zeolite and provides an even, smooth, very durable farm race surface applied in races leading to dairy sheds, cattle underpasses and bridges. It lasts longer yet is not hard on hooves. Farmers find that sharp stones no longer appear in the yards. No sharp stones means reduced risk of stone bruises and hoof infections. This has the huge benefit of dramatically improving cow flow to and from the shed and reducing herd lameness. Using this lameness calculator can actually help you work out how StockRock can best save you money. In addition, when the volume of StockRock required is calculated over the longer period of time it will last, the financials stack up as a sound business decision.

Before the weather turns and things get crazy later in the year, make the time now to assess your races, and get in touch with StockRock to learn more about improving your surfaces, cow flow and herd health.