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You said it!

Posted 21 October 2015

cows mud1cows mud

Before and after photos:

Our aim is to continuously improve our service and the performance of the product we provide our customers. To monitor how we are getting on, we have started to send out a customer survey when each job is complete.

Here is recent feedback. We are thrilled with this result, it tells us we are on the right track - and provides you with an assurance that StockRock is bloody good sh#t! - that’s a direct quote by the way! - here’s some more:
“We heard about StockRock from our neighbour, StockRock has significantly decreased the number of cows sore feet.”

“A job well done. Tidy and on time.”

“Packs down well, did not get muddy in such a wet winter.”

“We don’t have the lame cow problem we had.”

“Compaction to a very smooth surface for stock hooves, a great job done.”

“We are most satisfied with our initial intake of StockRock and propose to follow-up with further race renovation.”