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StockRock on your farm means "more milk in the vat"

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Posted 9 September 2014

StockRock was introduced onto the Holmes Family Trust farm at Matamata for the first time in 2008. On our recommendation, Terry and Michael Holmes requested StockRock for a 200m length of race from their new cow shed.  

Two years later, they put in a concrete Feed Pad. After experiencing the lasting durability of StockRock on the main farm race, StockRock was their choice of surface for upgrading the entry and exits to the Feed Pad.  

The Holmes' milk 700 cows in the peak and 200 cows over winter.  Farm manager Michael, has noticed a significant improvement in cow flow over the main farm race, which means "more milk in the vat".  Reduced walking time for cows to come from the back of the farm to the cow shed on a StockRock race, has meant a gain of up to 1L per cow per day.  

In January 2014, another section of StockRock was applied over an existing sand race on the farm. This month (September 2014), the StockRock surface was extended a further 140m from the original 200m, and for the first time in six years, worn patches on the original StockRock surface were topped up.

Terry and Michael Holmes continue to extend and maintain their StockRock farm races, seeing improvements in cow health (reduced lameness) and productivity (quicker to the milking shed) long into the foreseeable future of the family farm.


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