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Spring newsletter includes Christmas gift promotion


Posted 24 November 2014

A good guideline for avoiding up to 90 percent of lameness, is to single out the wet spots on your farm race and apply StockRock to these areas as a minimum. StockRock doesn't wear to form hard stones. The wet boggy areas are those which should first be cleaned and then laid with StockRock, eliminating the source of stones to be carried onto the milking shed yard, and avoiding lame cows over the coming months.

In order to encourage farmers to have StockRock supplied and laid by StockRock specialists before February 2015, we are offering a gift with every StockRock supply-delivery-and-install operation booked and confirmed before 16 December 2014.

NEWSLETTER CHRISTMAS PROMOTION : Sign up before 16 December 2014 for supply-delivery-and-install of StockRock for your yards or farm races between now and end of February 2015, and on confirmation of  your booking (before 16 December) you may choose either

  1. one tonne of Optimate - the natural stockfeed optimiser, to help your stock maintain good health and wellbeing, and productive health ( value $550) as we head into summer - delivery and pickup to be arranged separately, or 
  2. a Christmas Hamper (value $150), to enjoy at your Christmas Day celebrations.

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