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Rain proves StockRock durability


Posted 2 February 2015

Today's NZHerald has the headline : “the drought is not over”, but light rain is already exposing the need for maintenance and replacement on dry boney farm races.

StockRock farm races do not become boney, or break up into small stones. In fact, farmers with StockRock on their farm races will be pleased to observe the continued good health of their cows walking on StockRock.

StockRock is self-cementing, so the surface remains smooth and even across the full width of the race, and cow flow is steady to and from the milking shed.

If your cows are showing lameness due to boney tracks which have been exposed in recent rains, give us a call and get advice from our StockRock expert. The rain will help to cement the StockRock and ensure lasting durability of the surface.

StockRock is the ultimate surface for your farm races.

To understand the costs or request a quote, visit our user friendly online calculator or talk to our StockRock expert.

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