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Police dogs run on StockRock


Posted 27 February 2015

NZ Police requested a soft yet durable surface for their dog exercise runs in Hamilton.

We suggested 65mm StockRock to replace the existing pea metal.  SR65 is typically used on farms to extend the race surface after the first 200 metres of high stock pressure around the milking shed.

Because Alsatians are lighter on their feet than dairy cows, the 65mm StockRock is recommended as a soft but tough surface for the dogs' exercise area.  

The StockRock was dampened after it was compacted. In this wet state, it was worked into a slurry and left to dry and cement in place so that no loose stones would sit on the surface for the dogs to chew on.  

SR65 is not laid as thick as our premium SR100 grade, so it will cover more square metres.  If you think you have an area which may be suitable for SR65 grade, please give our StockRock expert Shane Smith a call to discuss your options. 

To understand the costs or request a quote, visit our user friendly online calculator or talk to our StockRock expert.

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