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No hesitation on StockRock


Posted 10 December 2014

A new StockRock race was installed on Monday at a cowshed entrance in Huntly.

The race was finished with compacting, and wetting the race surface on Monday evening (see photo). On Tuesday, the cows showed no hesitation exiting the cowshed onto the StockRock surface. The StockRock surface is smooth and even, superior in finish and durability to any rock alternatives.

It was the first time, commented the sharemilker, that the cows hadn't had to be pushed or encouraged out onto the race from the milking shed. "They walked onto the StockRock with no hesitation, and no bunching. They spread out across the full width of the race and walked back to their paddock without pausing."

Farmer Craig Henderson is full of enthusiasm for the immediate improvement in cow behaviour on the race. "StockRock was laid and finished on Monday, and the cows are walking on it on Tuesday. No bunching, no hesitation."

Try it for yourself.   


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