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New StockRock truck delivering StockRock

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Posted 19 February 2015

A new DAF truck has been purchased and commissioned specifically for our StockRock loading and delivery requirements.

The StockRock bin truck-and-trailer unit carries 30T, and has been painted in a distinctive StockRock black-and-white livery.

The new StockRock truck completes the StockRock fleet of vehicles : black operator's ute, 12T and 20T digger, grader, and compacting roller.

We're looking forward to visiting farms in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty districts, to lay 100mm StockRock, and 65mm StockRock.  SR100 grade is used for high stock pressure areas around and within 200m of the milking shed. SR65 grade StockRock is used to extend the StockRock farm race surface past the first 200m of high stock pressure areas.


To understand the costs or request a quote, visit our user friendly online calculator or talk to our StockRock expert.

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