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National Fieldays 2015

Posted 1 July 2015

Daisy Maisy StockRock Fieldays 2015 small

StockRock at Fieldays 2015 was a great success with record numbers attending on the Wednesday.

We had the most quotes given out than at any other fieldays so it was very positive.

Great to know that our product is becoming more well-known and also great to see a large number of Farmers that already have StockRock coming back for their second round of product.

Unveiling our NEW product StockRock 65mm

Fieldays 2015 was first time we marketed our new Stockrock 65mm. This product is used after the first 200m from the cowshed as it can be laid at a thinner rate of 120mm and compacts to 80mm. its purpose is to overlay a Farm race that has a good structure but needs a softer wearing surface. The first orders were taken to Taranaki and Wanganui.

Although the payout doesn't look that ideal for Farmers for the coming season we seem to take on a lot more maintenance work. Farmers are more aware that we have our products under cover so this makes it easy for them to purchase a dry load on demand.



Shane StockRock Fieldays 2015

 Shane in front of StockRock Fieldays June 2015

 Stock Rock red carpet Fieldays 2015

Rolling out the red carpet, despite the rain at National Fieldays.