Merry Christmas to cows | StockRock

Merry Christmas to cows

Posted 18 December 2015

Our latest job in Pirongia district. Very impressive dairy farm set up. This undercover building for the cows is called a mootel. In this job the base rock the farmer had laid one year ago continued to breakdown which meant the cows carted a huge amount of stones that were getting tracked on to the cowshed yard.

New farm race underway StockRock

This Brown Rock used as a finish capping is very difficult for Farmers to get just right. In most cases brown rock is has either too much clay or too much Blue stone. Our Stock is always consistent with no blue hard stones.

shaped and ready for StockRock

All reshaped and ready for StockRock 100mm.

Xmas present for cows

Merry Christmas from the farm owner to his cows. Its a big cost doing so much at once but the rewards come over the next two years by reducing lameness and improving cow-flow.