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Landscaping feature walls with StockRock


Posted 11 November 2014

StockRock is a versatile product on farm and also can be used to shape landscape features.  

StockRock landscape product has been used this month to create feature walls at an industrial site. Clean fresh rock enhances the look of the landscape, the same way clean white StockRock farm races improve a farming outlook.

StockRock is not only attractive for landscaping purposes. On the farm, the key economic factor for purchasing StockRock is its hard-wearing, chalk-like attribute. Soft enough to break up if walked onto a concrete yard, yet tough enough to provide a long life, and to bind into a very durable surface.

Check out the endorsements from farmers at, then call Shane@StockRock on 0800 88 55 55 to book StockRock for your landscaping project or farm races.