Its official - Spring is here! | StockRock

Its official - Spring is here!

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Posted 11 September 2017

As if we need more rain… It is fair to say that we have had the most difficult year on record for the most challenging periods to get StockRock laid on farms.

In a normal year the winter doesn’t bother us much, but it’s the Spring rain that really makes it challenging. We have had so much work to get through this year and because of the crazy weather it has sped up the wear and tear on Races because they simply haven’t been allowed to dry.

Often we see farmers invest in herd homes and feed-pads to help save the pasture which is a great idea, however this means more movements up and down the farm races in the wettest part of the year. This causes the surface layer of the race to loosen. The smaller stones that WERE embedded in the surface of the race are now loose and you start to feel them though the sole of your gumboots.

This means lame cows are coming soon.

The cows pick up those loose stones and kick and carry them with their wet muddy hooves onto the feed-pads, concrete yards, bridges and underpasses.

Start planning to cap those areas with StockRock in the first 100-150m from the cowshed. Give me (Shane) a call on 0800 88 55 55 today, for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your farm race.