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Fonterra forecast boosts Farmer confidence

Posted 6 March 2014

We have observed an increase StockRock sales over the last month, since the recent Farmgate Milk Price forecast announcement from Fonterra. Along with an earlier estimated 10 cent per share dividend, farmers are right to show confidence in farm race investment.   

Northland Fieldays rock! We presented StockRock at the Northland Fieldays, 27 February until 1st March 2014.  There was good feedback from Farmers, identifying dairy cow lameness as an issue in Northland. StockRock provides a solution : "Say Goodbye to Lame Cows". 

StockRock is a competitive solution for lameness. The porous nature of StockRock means more volume per tonne purchased, translating into more economic farm race coverage for your dollar. In addition, the product's durability ensures that, when laid according to specification, StockRock produces a long-lasting, soft, working surface. 

To understand the costs or request a quote, visit our user friendly online calculator or talk to our StockRock expert.

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