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Shane has discovered Facebook...

Posted 11 September 2015

Shane usually writes the news blog, but he’s busy Facebooking, - not such a bad thing apparently, according to the Herald newspaper (Sept 2 2015). Scientists have concluded that ‘50’ is the new ‘42’, after discovering that the brains of middle aged people are getting sharper and “younger” to keep up with the demands of modern technology. Shane has been chomping at the bit for months now, wanting to get a Facebook page for StockRock set up, which we have, check it out.

Now I understand why ... He shoots heaps of photos and video of the farm sites he visits around the Central North Island, both before StockRock, then after StockRock has been laid - the difference being quite dramatic.

 Some farm races are real shockers, with cows wading through mud up to their knees and you can see what a trial it is for them just to walk. The video taken after StockRock has been laid, shows how easily and freely the herd moves on the new race.

So if you are contemplating getting your farm races resurfaced and doing a bit of research into the best product to use, it’s well worth taking a look at some of the latest StockRock projects to help you make up your mind.

cows struggling before StockRock

Cows struggling wading through the mud on the farm race before StockRock

same farm race after StockRock has been laid

Cows moving freely on the same farm race after StockRock has been laid.