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Ian Upson Kate Bedford StockRock farmrace Ngarua Waikato
  • Name: Ian Upson (farm owner) with sharemilker Kate Bedford
  • Location: Ngarua, Waikato

Ian Upson (farm owner) with sharemilker Kate Bedford who
milks 170 cows on 50Ha in Ngarua, Waikato.
We asked Kate what she likes about using StockRock. Here’s what
she had to say: “Everything! I like the fact the cows are happy to
walk on it. When the race is not StockRock, they walk single file,
whereas on the StockRock areas they spread out all over it.
The benefits we find using StockRock are that we definitely notice
a decrease in lame cows and the cows walk faster to the shed. Also
less stones and mud are going into the shed. We enjoy the fact it’s
so low maintenance. You can even take a push chair over it! Haha
(that’s handy when you have small kids)”.