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Theo van den Broek
  • Name: Theo van den Broek
  • Location: Reporoa

Theo van den Broek tells us he came out of retirement to manage the 280Ha dairy farm he has run in Reporoa for the last 8 years. One of 5 workers on the farm, this operation is now a 100% winter milking farm with the calving date subsequently more aligned with pasture quality.

Theo first had StockRock laid on the farm 5 years ago - then didn’t touch it for 3 years. Prior to that pumice had been used which needed repairing at least 3 times a year. “It’s more expensive but lasts a lot longer before you need to do any maintenance on it”, Theo says. With 750 cows and a steep incline to the milking shed the race gets a lot of wear.