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Farmer Peter Kidd StockRock
  • Name: Farmer Peter Kidd
  • Location: Tihoi, Waikato

Husband and wife team, Peter and Marilyn Kidd have been farming in Tihoi, Waikato for the past 32 years. 20 years ago they converted their sheep and beef operation to dairy, now milking a 900-strong herd.

The Kidd’s had their first experience with StockRock four years ago, getting it laid on 100 metres of farm race leading up to the milking shed.

As Marilyn says, “it’s a fantastic product that has proved it can last the distance. It’s a high concentration area around the shed with the animals passing through here twice a day”. Peter agrees, “with the amount of rain we have had, the StockRock race has come through it very well”. The Kidd’s used to have to redo the same bit of race year after year as the pumice scoured out and deteriorated very quickly in bad weather. Four years on, the StockRock race is holding up well.  Using StockRock, “It’s a no brainer,” says Peter.

Subsequently, another entrance race was given the StockRock treatment last year.


Right now, it’s a really busy time as they are in the middle of the calving season as well as the usual milking and farm maintenance work. The Kidd’s will be raising about 300 calves themselves, 250 as replacement heifers and 50 to be grown for beef.

Peter and Shane

Peter Kidd on the race with Shane from StockRock.

Peter Kidd Jeremy Ward StockRock

Contract milker Jeremy Ward (foreground) has been working on the Kidd farm for the last four seasons.