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Mike Lux lowres
  • Name: Mike Luxton - Matamata contractor

Matamata based Mike Luxford is a contractor too busy to be bothered with advertising. Word of mouth ensures the business, which consists of himself, a full time employee, along with his dad working as a sub-contractor, -  are busy year round.

Mike's work consists of excavation and earthmoving for rural contouring, house sites and drain clearing, with about 85% of his jobs coming from dairy farms and race repairs.

Mike recommends laying StockRock as the best substrate to use for race works. “StockRock helps reduce lameness issues, it’s a long term product with little need for maintenance,” he says. On dairy farms he uses it in close proximity to cow sheds and all approaches to concrete. “Keeping blue metal off concrete areas is important as that is where much of the potential for cow lameness occurs,” says Mike.

He also notes StockRock needs to be laid using the correct proceedure to ensure the longevity of the product.