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Gavin Vanner SR Endorsement web
  • Name: Gavin Vanner- StockRock solves our problems
  • Location: Kakaramea, South Taranaki

When asked why he would recommend StockRock, Gavin answers the reason is solely that it works! “There is no other product that allows us to use it as we need it. It solves our problems.”

Located in Kakaramea, South of Taranaki, Gavin Vanner farms 900 cows on 310 Ha.

He first tried StockRock about 6 years ago when he was having trouble solving a problem on his farm. Close to the ocean, the farm is in a windy/dry location where throughout summer part of the race passes under a centre pivot irrigation system.  Gavin was finding for these 3-4 months the races were deteriorating and even being washed away completely. So after trying local fine grade products, he eventually tried the first load of StockRock. The product is hard-wearing, it worked! Since then Gavin continues to make improvements to his races with 6-10 loads of StockRock every year.

“It’s easy to use and extremely durable, says Gavin, It can handle a high number of hooves over it. There is no product that can solve the problem so effectively, or so quickly”.